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With a fresh vibe and a sophisticated feel, Khosh's fashion brand was built to embody the designer’s desire to tell a story - the story of a powerful woman that embraces her beauty and let it shine through.

Khosh is encouraging women to show their femininity, to learn new styling habits, while being taught how to dress, not with just clothes, but to dress their spirit with confidence and uniqueness.


Each of his collections will show women how to be proud of their qualities, how to reinvent themselves and discover new fashion perspectives besides the brand. Each garment made by Khosh is meant to be a personality extension for its owner.



Because this fashion Atelier is where design meets creativity and authenticity, where you learn that style is a flexible thing and where you accept your perfectly-imperfect self.

His collection offers timeless and fashion-forward pieces, inspired by women's beauty. His design line is represented by two collections - Ready-to-wear and Made-to-measure which have developed from ideas to realities throughout his career as a Fashion Designer.
Khosh talking about his inspiration:
' I have a reputation for pushing design boundaries with my pieces.
People call me 'The Master'. Like every artist, I have my own stylistic influences - inspired by women's beauty. My designs are created to 'draw a map on the women's body, so the man can explore it'. 
My desire is to create something you will cherish, a special piece that will be enjoyed for many years to come. My designs are timeless. Take a look at my newest collection and see how all comes to life.'

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