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“I have been away travelling and working on a few new collaborations. I've been shooting a lot of new content which I am excited to finally be sharing with you all .You may have seen my  stories telling you all head to over to @atelier_by_khosh for a sneaky preview. But if you missed that here we go.

The lovely Khosh got in contact with me asking me to wear a couple of his designs for upcoming events. Likely I had a trip to Paris booked and my Marilyn show on a Cruise round the Med so this was perfect opportunity.


Khosh has a story behind all of his designs because he has to 'feel' in order to create. The dress I am wearing, he named Sadness and Darkness, because that's what he was feeling at the time, but it's safe to say I didn't feel either of those when wearing it. 

I felt truly empowered by his elegant feminine design which felt like air against my skin and hugs the curves and emphasises the shape of the women (he doesn't use the word female!) ” 

—  Charley, Marilyn Manroe look-a-like

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